Our Tiny Garden

My dad and Nathan built us 4 raised beds this year. One of the plots was for flowers (which were all seeds), and NONE of them grew :( Next year I’m going to start them in pots and then plant them once they’ve grown a little. The 2nd was for strawberries. Since it’s the first year they aren’t doing much, but they do look pretty healthy. The third we planted bell peppers and left the rest for broccoli (which we need to plant) and then put some strawberry roots down for next year. The 4th plot is filled with three tomato plants, squash and zuchini, and they are growing soo good. We are going to have tons of squash within the next week! We had our first and already grilled it, so good :)
A little backstory about our yard before you judge us on how bad it looks (hah). Our house was a foreclosure (bank owned) and had been severely neglected when we bought it. Actually last year one of our neighbors told us that a bunch of different neighbors all cleaned out the backyard after the old homeowners left, just because it was that bad. We try to keep up with it, but with the kids being so little it’s been hard for me to maintain it. Well this year is different. I’m finally getting it together. I’ve been weeding til my fingers are swollen, yes, you read that right, swollen. It feels so good to see the finished product though! I have high hopes for next year and getting a lot of flowers and plants in the ground!
P.S Grandma Burns- I think I have a little more of you in me than I thought! :)

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June 27, 2012 - 7:50 pm

catherine - These are great ! Love that little face