A Very Wears Wedding

Remember these two cuties? That’s right, they are officially man and wife now. They were married almost a month ago and what a lovely day it was. Bethany put SO much creativity into her decorating and did so many DIY projects (which you can see here on her wedding blog). Nathan came along to film the day and made a beautiful highlight film of the day which you need to watch to get a better grasp on how great it really was! I told Nathan tonight that I am convinced now that Wedding Films are as important as the photography. Won’t it be awesome in 20 years for Daniel and Bethany’s children to be able to watch this and feel the emotion that went on? And then their grandchildren and great-grandchildren…I love that our “jobs” will bring joy for generations to come. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from the day! And by “some” I mean a lot.